Athena Manufacturing LP

Athena Manufacturing LP

15900 Bratton Ln, Austin, TX 78728, United States

AboutAthena Manufacturing LP


Athena manufactures sophisticated metal products, made each day by committed, passionate experts. We offer complete solutions to transform your requirements into a finished product. Meeting the customer's needs is more than just making parts, so we create custom manufacturing plans to fulfill your demands.


Athena’s customer focus is not on the next invoice, it is “six corners” beyond that initial transaction.  Athena’s goal is to save weight and cost for customers via advanced and innovative engineering. The cost of advanced engineering is offset by investment in world-class, state of the art automation. The result is a long-term strategic partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers – transformative engineering and innovation for success versus transactional and transient short-term wins.  This is the foundation Athena has been built on over the last 20 years.


Parts will be made and delivered correctly the first time. Period. Initial or trial runs will be done at our expense, not the customers’ – we rely on our experienced and talented workforce to assure accuracy every day.


From prototypes to production and spares, Athena Manufacturing can meet the demands of any industry – from high tech to defense to recreational needs - our exceptional engineering staff is dedicated to solving any manufacturing challenges that you may have. Our team finds a way to win for our customers.


Meeting your deadlines with quality products is our prime concern at Athena. Our custom manufacturing plans and production database monitoring ensure that your orders are delivered on time.

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