Aubert & Duval

Aubert & Duval

10, Boulevard de Grenelle, Paris, Île-de-France 75015, FR

AboutAubert & Duval


Since its beginnings in 1907, Aubert & Duval has contributed to the projects of the most demanding industries. Today, Aubert & Duval, a specialist in upscale metallurgy, is a world leader in designing, developing and industrialising high-performance steel, superalloy, aluminum or titanium parts.


Aubert & Duval provides highly reliable metallurgical solutions that are developed, made and processed in perfectly robust, repeatable conditions.

 Supported by a worldwide  sales network, we are the real-time partner for all your metallurgical needs. You can count on our production capacity and our teams’ know-how in metallurgical grade design and production, atomizing, forging, rolling, closed die-forging and heat treatment.

 Our metallurgical and industrial expertise is based on a unique, fully integrated set of processes and facilities from steel and alloy-making through to pre-machined and machined parts. We also have a specific know-how and processes in powder metallurgy. 

With metallurgical expertise, integrated processes and unique facilities, we are committed to YOUR SATISFACTION.


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