Baroda Metal Cast

Baroda Metal Cast

No. B-40, Shankar Bhai Patel Estate
Manjusar, Savli, Vadodara
Gujarat - 391 775, India

AboutBaroda Metal Cast

BARODA METAL CAST has been producing high-quality static and centrifugal steel castings and assemblies for the petrochemical, fertilizer, mining and mineral processing industries. Baroda Metal Cast’s modern ISO 9001:2000 certified facility produces a wide range of alloys, including heat resistant, corrosion- and abrasion-resistant, high manganese grades, as well as carbon and low alloy/high strength steels. Baroda Metal Cast provides a single source for all of your centrifugal casting, static casting, fabrication, machining and quality assurance needs.

Static sand castings are produced up to a finished weight of 4000Tons & 180MT per month by CO2 and no-bake processes. Centrifugal castings are produced from 90mm to 720mm wide for the outside diameter and up to 4meter Long. Quality Assurance is a company-wide commitment, uncompromised at every phase of production. We have state of the art facilities include complete non-destructive testing disciplines, and metallurgical and spectrographic analysis. We are dedicated to providing high quality products and services, and to delivering orders on time that meet or exceed customer expectations. Baroda Metal Cast has supplied various casting under approval of all major Third Party Inspection Agencies like Lloyds,E.I.L,I.R.S(Indian Resister of Shipping) and more.

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