BAS Castings Limited

BAS Castings Limited

Industrial Estate, Wharf Rd, Pinxton, Nottingham NG16 6LE, United Kingdom

AboutBAS Castings Limited

UK Manufacturer of High Integrity Iron Castings.

Established in 1973, BAS Castings Ltd is a successful and expanding foundry business manufacturing and supplying high integrity castings for a worldwide customer base within a weight range of .5kgs to 8000 kgs.

Continual investment in modern manufacturing techniques, career training and a commitment to Quality & Environmental Management systems has enabled BAS Castings to provide a cost effective and flexible approach to our customers demands.

Our customers are valued partners and key to our continued business development. Close liaison through all stages of the production cycle including initial design ensure that we are able to offer a first class product, manufactured in the most cost effective manner. Our aim is to ensure that commercial advantage and product dependability result in increased business opportunities for both parties.

Our manufacturing aims are:

  1. Production flexibility / cost effective products
  2. High levels of casting integrity
  3. Close technical liaison and ongoing support
  4. Superb surface finish
  5. Close dimensional control
  6. Complete supply options

We produce iron castings in the following materials:

  1. Cast Iron Grey Iron
  2. SG Iron –Ductile Iron
  3. Ni Resist Cast Iron
  4. Wear Resistant Irons
  5. Austempered Ductile Iron
  6. Compacted Graphite
  7. High Silicon Molydbenum
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