B&B FRP Manufacturing

B&B FRP Manufacturing

260 Hanlan Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 3P6, Canada

AboutB&B FRP Manufacturing

An indisputable leader in FRP re-bar technology. We believe in one famous statement, "DO IT RIGHT, DO IT ONCE".

We worked for more than half a decade to develop an optimum product to have superior properties & overcome the limitation of available GFRP rebar in the market, with the collaboration of University of Sherbrooke& University of Concordia in Canada, MST-BAR® & MFX-BAR® are tested and proven to be the best GFRP rebar in the market.  The designed MST-BAR®  deliver extremely high bond strength with concrete (x3 of the one with the steel) while providing the highest stiffness  in a material.

By having knowledge of composite industry and concrete reinforced structure, we deliver the right product to the customer. 


  • Providing short and long term saving to private and public owners and developers of infrustructure
  • Providing superior reinforcement performance
  • Enable safer infrastructure through safer technology
  • Reducing environmental impacts of construction by significantly extending life expectancy of infrustructures
  • Continuing to experiment with innovative and ground breaking methods in product development
  • Being relentless in an attitude of excellence
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