Bethlehem Wire Rope

Bethlehem Wire Rope

Williamsport, PA 17701, United States

AboutBethlehem Wire Rope

For over 100 years, Wirerope Works, Inc. and its ascendants have helped to lay the world's foundation. From roadways and bridges to airports and entertainment complexes, wire rope and strand products manufactured in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, have been present, playing in the development of a global infrastructure.

Company Summary

Wirerope Works, Inc. manufactures Bethlehem Wire Rope®, the trade name under which we produce, sell and service our wire rope and strand products. The name "Bethlehem Wire Rope" represents the most complete facility and experienced personnel in North America. Our 46-acre manufacturing complex in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, with over 620,000 square feet under roof, is the single largest wire rope manufacturing facility in North America. Wirerope Works, Inc. manufactures its own wire, wire rope, structural strand, and all fabricated products such as pendants and other assemblies on the same premises.

Bethlehem brand wire rope and strand products have long been recognized worldwide for superior quality. Used for both lifting and stabilizing, Bethlehem Wire Rope products are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from crane and elevator hoist ropes to bridge suspension and anchoring offshore platforms. Wirerope Works, Inc. serves many industries including construction, logging, marine, mining, oil and gas, and steel.

Our Vision

Since the beginning of this company, the mission of Wirerope Works, Inc.'s forerunner was ' build wire rope as good as it can be built, and to see that the user gets the satisfaction he has a right to expect. To safeguard his purchase from substitution and against possible accidents, to build uniformity into every strand so that the wear is uniform and the life is longer... we are proud of our product and want you to be happy in its use.' As modernized as Wirerope Works, Inc.'s vision is, our doctrine remains the same.

Our Vision is to be a company that exceeds the requirements placed upon us by our customers, shareholders, associates, vendors, and community.

Our Mission is built on Integrity and uses mutually-beneficial Relationships, Quality products and quality People to achieve our goal — Success.

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