Bosch Rexroth Sdn Bhd

Bosch Rexroth Sdn Bhd

11, Jalan Astaka U8/82, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

AboutBosch Rexroth Sdn Bhd

Our reason for being is movement.

We love to move machines and services to help our customers become winners. Over years creating movement was and is constantly the aim of Rexroth´s products, solutions and technologies.

Holistic safety

Safety is an integral part of our DNA. As the pioneer of machine safety, we offer cutting edge technologies to keep operators safe while increasing productivity at the same time.

With our sophisticated simulation tools, engineers reduce development risks significantly and shorten their time to market.

Our data security approach safeguards the integrity of production data and machine function to keep your production running.

End to end efficiency

Through dynamic movement and smooth processes, we ensure high productivity. The core of this approach is to provide resource savings, maximum availability over the entire lifecycle and optimum energy efficiency.

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance transform costly downtime into planned maintenance measures. Simple programming and parameterization save time from the engineering phase to commissioning. Mobile working machines benefit from lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions. The result: Our customers reach their goals faster.

Intelligent collaboration

Our components and modules constantly exchange information, organizing themselves and adapting to new tasks. Where appropriate, they form a unit with superior IT systems and the Internet of Things. This enables lower unit costs and the economical production of small batch sizes from as little as 1, data based services or remote service.

In smart collaborations all over the world, we are combining practical experience with constant optimization of existing components and disruptive innovations.

Powerful, precise, productive

Whether dealing with extremely heavy loads or maximum dynamics, our components provide strong, high precision solutions. Beside the physical values, it is important to control this power perfectly with software. We have teams worldwide ready to solve demanding motion tasks in Factory Automation, Machinery Applications and Engineering or Mobile Applications. Our customers expect a strong project partner, the flexibility of a medium sized company, comprehensive local knowledge of local requirements and contacts worldwide.

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