Bri-Steel Manufacturing

Bri-Steel Manufacturing

2125 64 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6P 1Z4, Canada

AboutBri-Steel Manufacturing

Bri-Steel Manufacturing is a state of the art facility that produces Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe in Canada. Bri-Steel is capable of producing pipe sizes ranging from Outside Diameters of 16 through 36 inches, and Wall Thicknesses up to 2.343 inches in CSA,ASTM,ASME and API specifications.

Bri-Steel produces their pipes by a process called Thermal Pipe Expansion or "TPE". This process is performed by using an engineered-size mother tube, heating it to 900deg C by induction heating, and pushing it over a controlled ID mandrel to expand the pipe to a piping size. After that, it is tested and finished to all major industry specifications.

The TPE technology is not new to our piping markets here in North America, but the technology is new to being utilized in North America.

By producing this way, Bri-Steel is able to produce pipe sizes not normally produced by traditional steel pipe mills. When a 27-inch OD 0.965 inch Wall Thickness is optimal for your project, it is now easily available to you. There is no longer a need to re-engineer jobs to suit the manufacturer, saving your time and money.

By using TPE to size pipe, rather than traditional manufacturing methods, we can change sizes quickly, allowing us to react quickly to your customers' needs and demands. It only takes 3 hours to change a pipe size, including the time to cool down and re-heat. With this efficient process, smaller order quantities are no problem to produce.

Bri-Steel is able to produce Pipe from multiple sizes of mother tubes, resulting in greater flexibility in production. Utilizing Bri-Steel and our flexible production, we can adjust our production schedules to accommodate your scheduling, and make adjustments with only a week notice. That way if plans change we can help make it right. Bri-Steel Manufacturing is an API5L and APIQ1 ISO9001 approved facility.

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