BSi Steel Pty Ltd - Steel Merchant & Supplier

BSi Steel Pty Ltd - Steel Merchant & Supplier

46 Eden Park Dr, Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

AboutBSi Steel Pty Ltd - Steel Merchant & Supplier

BSi Steel is a high energy, high performance company. Everything we do is measured to determine the degree of success and alignment to overall company goals. Where results are not achieved as expected, we take swift action to correct performance and enable future delivery so that the end objective is reached.

In order to remain competitive, stay abreast with current technology and be seen as an employer of choice, BSi Steel has recognized the utmost importance of strategically aligned skills development and training for all our staff. Of primary focus within our training and development strategy is to ensure that we facilitate the advancement of staff to reach their own personal stretch goals of developing within the company over a long term career.

The creative sourcing and retention of talent within the various operations will as always play a major part in the success of the business. It is our belief that our unique company culture needs to be nurtured and sustained all the time in order for us to be seen by all stakeholders as the Employer of Choice within our industry.

The BSi Steel team values our customers, creativity, hard work, a positive attitude and empowerment with accountability. However, this is balanced with a stimulating and fun environment which ensures that coming to work is both fulfilling and enjoyable.

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