Buckeye Fabricating Company

Buckeye Fabricating Company

245 S Pioneer Blvd, Springboro, OH 45066, United States

AboutBuckeye Fabricating Company

Serving OEMs and Various Product Manufacturers Since 1963

Founded in 1963, Buckeye Fabricating Company is a recognized industry leader for high-quality engineering and production of custom fabricated ASME pressure vessels and process tanks. We primarily serve custom equipment providers (OEMs) and various other product manufacturers who require pressure vessels and process tanks to operate their businesses. Our Mission: Help customers fulfill their need for custom tanks and give them a flawless experience every time!

Strategically Located to Serve Our Customers

Centrally located in Springboro, Ohio, Buckeye Fabricating Company is the preferred source of custom pressure vessels and process tanks for companies nationwide. Buckeye Fabricating Company’s ASME tanks and pressure vessels are all built to order, specifically to your design requirements. With over half a century of industry experience, our customers depend on us to deliver only the highest-quality products while maintaining the most competitive pricing available anywhere.

Make no mistake; Buckeye Fabricating Company is committed to customer service. We don’t have a product line per se, we have a service line. We build what you want and work with you on the details. Whether it’s producing an ASME pressure vessel, custom process tank, stainless steel tank, storage tank, or any of our other exceptional welded steel tanks products, you’ll always be satisfied with the end result.

Custom Fabrication, Get What You Want

Buckeye Fabricating Company’s design services team integrates your specific project requirements with detailed CAD drawings and our broad engineering expertise to produce some of the finest quality ASME tanks and vessels in the industry. Our CNC plasma cutter guarantees the highest degree of accuracy for the location and fit-up sizing of all tank cutouts, including our stainless steel tanks, storage tanks, pressure tanks, mixing tanks and ASME tanks. In addition, the system has line-marking capability to ensure that all attachments are accurately located.

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