California Steel Industries Inc

California Steel Industries Inc

P.O. Box 5080 1 California Steel Way Fontana, CA 92335

AboutCalifornia Steel Industries Inc

We are the only West Coast steel supplier manufacturing five different product lines: hot rolled, pickled and oiled, galvanized and cold rolled sheet, and electric resistance welded pipe. In most of our product groups, we have the broadest production capabilities on the West Coast. We compete with other western U.S. steel manufacturers, domestic suppliers from east of the Rocky Mountains, and with imported steel from around the world. Our success in this competitive arena is proven by our ability to continue to increase sales and production year after year.

CSI's customers' manufacture a broad range of end-use products. Our steel is used in construction materials for the home and commercial building industries, such as steel framing studs, roofing, decking and metal lath. Other uses include water, gas and oil pipelines, automotive pans, tubing used in the construction and furniture industries, and heating and cooling parts.

Much of CSI's product lines are also sold to service distribution centers throughout the Western and Midwestern United States, with some product also sold worldwide through the export market. Our steel is found in thousands of products that make our lives better and safer every day.

California Steel Industries is committed to reaching high levels of productivity and quality. Since CSI began operations in 1984, almost $900 million has been invested in our facilities to maintain, modernize and add operations. CSI is also committed to continued compliance to all environmental regulations, to protect present and future human health in our local environment.

California Steel Industries, Inc. (CSI) is located approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles in Fontana, California, on what was once part of the former Kaiser Steel facility. Our facility sits on 430 acres, with approximately 115 acres of the plant under roof. We employ about 1000 full-time regular employees, supplemented by a small contingency staff. We maintain a union-free workforce, through open communications and fair treatment.