Capital Metal Industries

Capital Metal Industries

28/30 Dr.Wilson Street,5-A, Ground Floor, P.B.No.3660,

Mumbai - 400 004, Maharashtra, India

AboutCapital Metal Industries

Capital Metal Industries is an ISO 9001-2000 certified firm specialized in supplying ferrous and non ferrous metals. It was established in 1982 with its head office in Mumbai and is known for supplying varieties of quality materials at highly affordable prices. Its products range includes plumbing materials, copper products, cable wires, hardware materials, pipes & pipe fittings and stainless steel products.

Copper Products

Copper products are made with copper. Copper is used in manufacturing copper products such as rod, strip, sheet, square, wires, tubes, pipes fittings, connectors etc. Capital Metal Industries is known for its copper products. It uses high conductivity copper of 99.99% pure electrolytic grade for its copper products. It supplies wide range of copper products. Its copper products include wires, circles, rods, nut bolts, earthing plate, male female connectors, tubes etc. It designs these copper products in accordance to the clients’ requirements. Its copper products are available at economic rates.

Pipes & Pipe Fittings

Pipes & Pipe Fittings are used for Transportation and distribution of water, waste, gases, air, hazardous effluents etc. and are applied in various industries. Pipes & pipe fittings are made with a variety of metals. Capital Metal Industries is an efficient supplier of pipes & pipe fittings. They provide a wide range of pipes & pipe fittings made of various materials. These pipes & pipe fittings are made as per the international standards and thus have high demand in the market. It provides pipes & pipe fittings to the clients at lowest possible rates.

Hardware Materials

Hardware Materials refer to the physical components of computers, telecommunications, and other information technology devices. There is an increasing demand for hardware materials as there is an increasing growth in information and communication technology throughout the world. Capital Metal Industries is a renowned supplier of hardware materials. It provides hardware materials used for computers and other communication devices. They design these hardware materials in accordance to the industry requirements and clients’ specifications. They excel in providing wide range of hardware materials. They provide hardware materials at reasonable rates.

Aluminum alloys, Aluminum extrusions

Our product range includes Aluminum commercial, aluminum alloys, aluminum extrusions, rolled products. The company also specializes in the making of flats, rods, squares, strips, sheets, plates, reflector sheets, caul board sheets, chequered sheets, angles, coils, hexagons, pipes, tubes, foil, heat sink, etc. Capital Metal provides custom solutions for each of its aluminum products which are ideal for the aerospace industry, particularly defence because of its excellent quality standards.


We offer custom specifications such as: B51 SWP, 1060, 1100, 2014, 2024, 2003, 5052, 6061, 6082, 6351, 7075, 8011, etc.


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