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Chanute Manufacturing Co

1700 S Washington Ave #6138, Chanute, KS 66720, United States

AboutChanute Manufacturing Co

Optimus Industries, a privately held manufacturing and engineering company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was formed in 1987 and the purchase of Chanute Manufacturing Company’s manufacturing facility in Chanute, Kansas was completed shortly thereafter in 1988. The Chanute facility’s history dates back to 1965 when it was formed by Alcorn Combustion to manufacture direct fired heaters. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, Chanute was the premier fired heater manufacturer in the United States. In 1978 the facility was purchased by Econotherm Energy Systems, and by 1980 was producing some of the industry’s first heat recovery steam generators (HRSG’s) for the growing cogeneration market.

In 1992, the shareholders of Optimus and Tulsa Fin Tube formed CFT, Inc to manufacture spiral wound, high frequency welded fintubes. Optimus was the first in the industry to integrate fintube production and pressure part fabrication at one facility. Throughout the 1990’s Chanute Manufacturing grew to be the largest domestic producer of HRSG pressure part modules, casing and inlet duct. HRSG components have been supplied to nearly every HRSG OEM.

In 1996 Optimus formed its Engineered Products Group to capitalize on Chanute’s manufacturing expertise by offering custom designed specialty boilers and waste heat recovery equipment. All Optimus Engineered Products equipment is manufactured by Chanute Manufacturing.

In 2003 Chanute Manufacturing expanded its product base to the Utility aftermarket. Today Chanute is a market leader in the supply of engineered pressure parts for gas and solid fuel generation.

At Optimus / Chanute Manufacturing the goal has always been to provide quality workmanship at competitive prices. The commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction and quality workmanship is the cornerstone of our reputation.