Cox Manufacturing Company

Cox Manufacturing Company

5500 N Loop 1604 E, San Antonio, TX 78247, United States

AboutCox Manufacturing Company

Being a 64-year-old, third-generation screw machine products company, Cox Manufacturing understands that customers expect high quality parts delivered on time and at competitive costs. We have continually invested in our shop floor technology and our people. With these investments and thirst for “Continuous Improvement”, we are one of the finest production machining facilities in the United States and numerous auditors have stated as much.

Today, we employ 170 people and are growing still.

We have one of the best Work Force Development programs in our industry with an Apprenticeship Program certified by the Department of Labor.

We schedule approximately 100 primary machines – 270 spindles – to produce across 3 shifts.

Every week, we produce and ship over 1.4 million precision components to diverse industries coast to coast.

Humble beginning and still growing plant

Started with humble beginnings in rented space and one Swiss automatic screw machine in 1956, today Cox is one of the largest private employers in San Antonio, Texas and is equipped with a fleet of advanced technology utilizing highly automated, high-end precision machining bar automatics, scheduled across three shifts.  Our high volume contract production machining service leverages a variety of precision Swiss CNC lathes, high-end multi-spindle cam automatics, and CNC Mill-Turn centers, as well as an extensive in-house tooling facility, all operated under our proprietary software integrated management of what we call the “Cox System”, driving key metrics for excellence and continuous improvement.

Trusted for generations

The long-standing Cox commitment and tradition, established by company founder William Cox, Sr., is the dedication to customer service that delivers - “as promised”. This standard has been strengthened and expanded by the founder’s son and current President/CEO Bill Cox, a highly respected professional in the production machining industry and in the local business community.  This proud heritage and “delivering as promised”, as a family-operated American business is a big reason customers have come to rely on Cox for trustworthy and consistent performance. Today, this legacy is a foundation for yet a third generation embracing this same formula for success.

Vision and Core Values

"Our Vision is to provide premier, small part production machining services to our customers while providing a high Quality of Life for our employees and being a positive influence for Christ."

This is a bold statement that we sincerely strive to live up to – we do not claim to be perfect, but we do stand committed.  We feel these three objectives are interrelated and interdependent.  And, we feel our “Core Values” of “Team Work”, “Continuous Improvement”, and “Perseverance” are central to living up to these objectives.