Deerfield Manufacturing Co

Deerfield Manufacturing Co

Mason, OH 45040, United States

AboutDeerfield Manufacturing Co


Since 1999, Ice Industries has enjoyed consistent, organic growth built upon a philosophy of market diversification that successfully insulated us from challenging economic cycles. It’s this approach, coupled with an empowered, team-based mentality that will provide you with the trust and confidence you are looking for in a manufacturing partner.

The goal of our organization has never wavered: the singular commitment to deliver manufacturing excellence to every customer—regardless of industry—realized through an uncompromising work ethic and drive, an uncommon vision and innovative spirit, an unmatched strength and stability, and unparalleled commitment to customer service.


At Ice Industries, manufacturing is in our blood, and dedication is in our DNA. Beyond our strategic locations, extensive equipment capability and technological power, our success begins and ends with our team of manufacturing experts.

From our inception, Ice has carefully sought out and employed team members who share our vision and passion for manufacturing excellence, and then empowered each—across the board—to make the decisions necessary to drive innovation, meet challenges head-on and continually exceed expectations.

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