Elmec Speciality Heaters

Elmec Speciality Heaters

16, Dhanakotiraja Street,
Chennai - 600 032, India.

AboutElmec Speciality Heaters

Elmec Speciality Heater was established in the year 2000 Elmec Speciality Heaters pioneering itself as the manufacturer of Cartridge Heaters, Hot Runner Coil Heaters, Nozzle Heaters, Manifold Heaters & Thermocouples, Hot Runner Systems, Linear Transduces, Temperature Controllers products that meet the most challenging applications. Elmec Speciality Heaters can provide a single-source responsibility for the components of the entire thermal system.

Elmec Speciality Heaters offers customized heaters using the most up to date technologies. With its rich experience Elmec Speciality Heaters is very much adaptive to the customers requirements to offer the best technical solution at the most cost effective price.

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