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EVS Metal’s mission is to provide quality precision sheet metal fabrications, machining, mechanical assemblies and integration that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. As the leading sheet metal fabricators in New Jersey, Texas (including Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston), Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, our highly-trained experts deliver top-notch customer service and quality outcomes at every level. We guarantee that our metal shops will provide products at competitive prices for every order, no matter the size. EVS accomplishes this by fostering an environment that emphasizes personal responsibility, continuous improvement, teamwork, innovation, safety and growth.


At EVS Metal, we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. We understand that every client has unique needs, and are committed to providing them with the personalized metal fabrication service and solutions they deserve. We understand that without the loyalty and repeat business of our customers, there is no EVS.


EVS Metal recognizes that growth and success in the 21st century are predicated on 100% customer satisfaction and a commitment to the highest sheet metal fabrication standards. To that end, we have cultivated a corporate culture that stresses personal responsibility, continuous improvement, teamwork, innovation, safety and growth.  This environment gives EVS team members the freedom to make decisions and allows them to provide our customers with best-in-class service, resulting in on-time delivery of materials that consistently comply with all requested specifications and requirements. Empowering our employees with this level of autonomy throughout the organization ultimately motivates them to maintain a level of performance that is unparalleled within the custom sheet metal fabrication industry.

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We pledge to quote all manufacturing services at a fair price, and to offer suggestions for reducing costs whenever possible. We have invested in state-of-the-art metal fabrication and metal finishing equipment specifically designed to produce cost-effective, consistently high-quality parts and innovative fabrication solutions.


As a manufacturer, we are aware of the additional costs and scheduling conflicts that delivery delays can cause. We have dedicated significant time and energy to analyzing the potential causes for these delays and have instituted procedures to ensure that parts routinely reach our customers on time. In fact, EVS has invested in its own fleet of delivery vehicles to ensure product arrives when it is needed. So, whether our clients need sheet metal fabrications in Austin, TX or New York City, we are able to ship parts or finished products to them, fast.

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