Linton Jones St, Germiston South, Germiston, 1401, South Africa


Corporate Profile

Fabricated Steel Manufacturing Company (Pty) Ltd (FSM) specializes in Prefabricated Buildings. Its Manufacturing Plant is located in Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa. It has been in operation since 1933 and has vast experience in the manufacturing, supply and erection of various systems of prefabricated buildings throughout South-Africa and Southern Africa.

FSM’s lasting success over the past 80 years is based on its superior service: Combining FSM’s proven technology and design, its vast manufacturing resources, know-how and experience with its reputed ability to deliver quality products fast, reliably and on time.

FSM is constantly striving to expand its presence in the neighbouring, Southern African markets – by forging partnerships with locally based and owned companies operating in those countries. We currently have partnerships with:

  • Team Engineers in Botswana (since 2003)
  • FSM Mozambique Limitada (Since 2014)

We can offer a variety of Prefabricated Building Systems from a large capacity facility with a hands on implementation team making optimum use of available resources as near to the targeted sites as is logistically possible.

Background on Fabricated Steel Manufacturing Company (Pty) Ltd.

Company Profile:FSM has been in operation since 1933 and celebrated its 80th year of operation in November 2013. FSM has specialized in prefabricated buildings and over the years has expanded its product range to 7 different building systems, Modular, Interlocking Panel System, Mobiles, Folding Unit, Converted Containers, Polycore Building System and Polycore FR Building System.

FSM has built up a solid reputation of quality, service and backup and its buildings boast some of the longest proven lifespan in the prefabricated building industry.

The registered addresses of FSM are as follows:

Postal:   P.O. Box 393, Germiston, 1400, South AfricaPhysical:  Corner Linton Jones and Arkin Streets, Industries East, Germiston


FSM has its main factory located In Linton Jones Street in Germiston, South Africa and a second factory located in John van Niekerk Street in Atlantis near Cape Town.


The following are currently Directors of FSM:

P.K. Janovsky  –  Executive DirectorG.F. Clemens  –  Executive DirectorM.C. Kloppers  –  Executive DirectorH. Kien  –  Non Executive ChairmanE.B.R. Janovsky  –  Non Executive DirectorT. Muranda  –  Non Executive DirectorB.G. Hlongwane  –  Non Executive Director

Shareholders and BEE:

There are currently a total of 15 shareholders. The majority of FSM is owned by various members of the Janovsky Family (62%). FSM is pleased to announce that on 8 November 2010 final approvals were obtained for the sale of 25.1% of the shares of FSM to Mahogany Capital SPC2 (a majority black woman owned company.) The balance is held by current Directors and descendants of past Directors.

Financial Stability of the company:

FSM has been operating for 80 years. All buildings and property are held freehold without any bonds. All machinery and equipment is also owned.

Capacity and capability:

FSM has probably the largest production facility in South Africa. Our factory area exceeds 4.8 hectares of land with over 24 000 m2 under roof. We have an additional assembly plant of approximately 2 000 m2 in Atlantis.

Our workforce is loyal and average lengths of service normally exceed 25 years. We have a permanent workforce of approximately 300 factory staff and 60 office staff. We can boost capacity with additional contract workers. The main reason for this type of facility is the nature of the industry which requires speed and efficiency without any compromises on quality.

Prefabricated Buildings are an effective and quick alternative to brick buildings. Two main factors set FSM apart – quality and speed. We are consistently market leaders in both.

Both our Modular Building System and FR Polycore Building System carries the Agrèment Certification. All materials used in the construction of all our systems are certified in terms of international or local industry standards to ensure the quality of our product.

It is for this reason that FSM Buildings have extremely long lifespans. The longest recorded being in excess of 60 years which is essentially some of the first buildings manufactured and erected by FSM.

An inspection of our factory will leave you in no doubt as to our capabilities.


FSM currently produces 7 products:

  • Modular building system (Agrèment 90/205)
  • Interlocking Panel system
  • Fast Space Mobiles
  • Folding Unit
  • Polycore Building system
  • Converted Containers and conversion kits
  • FR Polycore Building System (Agrèment 2014 / 474)
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