FTL Foundry Equipment Ltd

FTL Foundry Equipment Ltd

6-11 Riley Street, Willenhall
West Midlands, WV13 1RH
United Kingdom

AboutFTL Foundry Equipment Ltd

FTL is a highly motivated and skilled organisation with over 50 years experience supplying the UK and overseas foundry industry with innovative and high quality equipment. FTL Foundry Equipment has built up an impressive customer base including most of the UK's leading foundries, who continue to invest in repeat orders from FTL, to help them maintain their competitive edge in the supply of quality castings.

Prestige customers include, William Cook Group, Cosworth Technology, Weir Minerals, P.D. Castings, Federal Mogul Harrison Castings, Grainger & Worrall, St Gobain, Alcan, Balfour Beatty, Bradken, Ardemir, Vanguard Foundry, Buyuk Eker and many others.

FTL provides its customers with technically advanced solutions backed up by a wide range of high quality equipment. The product range includes mould handling systems for both green sand and No-Bake, green sand mixers, Moldmaster High Pressure Moulding Machines, moulding boxes, pneumatic and vacuum conveying systems, cupola melting and vibratory furnace chargers.

FTL is now very well established in the field of Chemically Bonded systems offering a complete range of No Bake mixers, compaction tables, manipulators, mould handling fast loops and carousels, combined shakeout and reclamation units, coolers, pneumatic conveyors, chromite and thermal reclamation plants.

FTL has the expertise and capability to help Shape the Future of its customers. FTL has a proven track record for reliability, quality and above all full commitment to providing the right solution for its customer. It is this approach that has helped maintain FTL as one of the UK's top suppliers leading to overseas contracts in Russia, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, Scandinavia, France, Spain, and the Middle East.

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