Gallium Industries

Gallium Industries

Plot No. 117, Sector-59, HSIDC Indl. Estate
Faridabad 121 004, India

AboutGallium Industries

Gallium was established in 1985 by a group of qualified and experienced technocrats to build state-of-the art tube mills and related equipment. The latest technology was brought in from highly reputed companies in Japan, UK and USA through licensee agreements. So far Gallium has successfully supplied tube mills, slitting lines and a variety of finishing equipment to more than 37 countries. Gallium is a strong international organization that caters for the sophisticated equipment requirements of the tube / pipe industry.

Tube Mill

Gallium offers a wide range of Tube Mills for producing high frequency welded tubes for lines up to 150m/min. Our Tube Mills are equipped with High Speed Modern Entry Lines, Quick Tool Changing Mill sections that minimize down time and a variety of Flying Cut Offs including burr free cut ends with Cold Saw to meet the stringent market requirements of automotive, cross country pipelines, general engineering, structural, boiler, heat exchanger and other relevant standards.

Some special features include Automatic Uncoiler, Highly Advanced Reverse Loop Accumulators and combined shear and welders with TIG / MIG welding for perfect butt welds.

Slitting Line

Gallium offers high-speed automatic tube slitting lines with quick- change slitter heads and sophisticated edge controls. The lines are supplied in widths from 450mm to 1,600mm, thicknesses from 0.3mm to 8mm and coil weights up to 30 MT.

Tube End Facing Machine

Gallium offers Fully Automatic Tube End Facing Machines with three tool systems for simultaneous OD, ID and Face Chamfering for high-speed operations. These are also equipped with CAM-Operated Facing Head Feed and clamp for safety and perfect sequencing. The machine can be installed ONLINE OR OFFLINE to match the mill output rate. Its other features include carbide / HSS tooling for Quality End Facing and Quick Tool Setting. Tube range: 12.7mm to 220.0 mm OD.

Tube Straightening Machine

Gallium offers six / ten driven cross roll type tube straightening machines capable of providing a very high degree of straightness up to 1 in 3,000 without surface blemishes and imparts skin hardness. The machine features hydraulic lift in entry bottom roll for smooth entry of tube, fixed / variable speed, fully automatic handling system and built-in indicators for accurate roll setting. Range: 22mm to 175mm OD.

Tube Hydrotesting Machine

Gallium offers single and triple tube Hydrotesting machines to test oil and water at pressures up to 10,000PSI in compliance with API / ASTM / BS quality standards. The OD sealing type Hydrotester machine features pressure recorders, closed circuit blocking heads for automatic balancing of end thrust and automatic handling systems. Range: up to 8 Inches NB.

Tube Threading Machine

Gallium offers completely automatic high-speed machine with the possibility of variety of threads per inch. It is a single man operated machine with line speed up to 12 Tubes/min and range from ½” to 4” NB.

Tube Push Pointing Machine

Gallium Tube Push Pointing Machines are hydraulically operated and suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials for pointing tubes prior to cold drawing up to 168mm maximum OD. Some special features include noiseless and vibration-free operation, Main Machine Up/down through Motor, Common Die for Pointing and Cold Drawing, Flexible Point Lengths, Accurate & Concentric pointing.

Tube Draw Bench

Gallium offers single / triple tube type draw bench machines with automatic operations. The machine features carriage driven by double chain, regenerative braking, high drawing speeds up to 60m/min, perfect finish, precise applications, automatic tube feeding and discharge systems for tube range up to 168 mm OD x 18m x 80 Mt.

Tube Bundling Machine

Gallium's tube bundling machine is a high-speed machine which can be installed both offline and online for producing regular / irregular hexagonal or rectangular / square bundles for round and square / rectangular tubes respectively.

It has provision for quick changeover for different bundle sizes and also features coolant evacuation, bundle weighing and a tag printing system with an option for automatic or manual strapping. Range: ½” to 8” NB


Gallium offers rolls For Tube Mills, Straightening Machine and Roll Forming Lines using D2 / equivalent steel from the best sources. The company's in-house heat treatment facilities, CNC machining Facility, stringent quality standards, proven designs and highly qualified designers ensure the durability and precision of our rolls.


Gallium undertakes responsibility right up to the commissioning and meeting of performance guarantee parameters. The company provides a prompt after sales services, customization and customer support for trouble-free operation of the equipment.


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