Genesee Manufacturing Co

Genesee Manufacturing Co

566 Hollenbeck St, Rochester, NY 14621, United States

AboutGenesee Manufacturing Co

Genesee Manufacturing Company was formed in 1908 in Rochester, NY, a city with a rich industrial history. Genesee’s tools have continued to provide a solution to industries and companies looking to reduce their production time and cost.

Company Overview

Genesee Manufacturing Company has been designed and manufactured cutting tools for industry since 1908. Throughout our long history, we introduced innovative products that help industry increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs with unique designs that are adjustable, versatile and easy to use.

We offer a complete line of adjustable, inserted blade hollow mills in a wide variety of styles and sizes, as well as tube deburring tools and special production tooling. These include our new GEN-DEX® tools, the first uniformly adjustable, positive rake, indexable insert hollow mills. We also offer the unique INDI-SQUARE Squareness Measuring Systems that rapidly indicate squareness and straightness with a minimum of effort and a maximum of accuracy.

Genesee Manufacturing offers you a unique combination of experience, innovation, product quality and dedicated service that gives us a distinct, competitive edge over other tooling manufacturers. We earned and maintain an excellent reputation through our steadfast dedication to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Engineering and Design

With over a century of experience, Genesee Manufacturing has unmatched knowledge and expertise in hollow milling and other special tooling applications. Engineering and design work is all done in-house and you can draw on the details and lessons of every design and every tool built for customers over more than a century of service. Tools we designed and produced over 40 years ago are still in use because of the dramatic increase in productivity and profitability achieved by the customer.

Our Engineering Department is staffed by seasoned professionals who love a challenge and are eager to help you with your exact hollow mill solution. Problem-solving is a hallmark of Genesee engineering, and we can manufacture precision hardened and spindle adapters, micro-adapters and tool holders to meet a variety of spindle mounting, bushing or support requirements.

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