Gibbs Wire & Steel Company, Inc.

Gibbs Wire & Steel Company, Inc.

P.O. Box 520, 4 Metals Drive, Southington, CT 06489

AboutGibbs Wire & Steel Company, Inc.

From one small operation in Connecticut in 1956 to a network of strategically located metal service centers stretching across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico our company has kept pace with continually changing market conditions, meeting the needs of the growing North American metalworking community for some six decades. We are continuously investing in our business: expanding our facilities, upgrading and replacing, slitting, edging, and oscillating equipment, and adding to our already extensive stocks of wire and strip.

For us, a lot of hard work, a little luck, and a well-conceived idea of what the word "service" in Service Center really means have led us to become the primary source for wire and strip in North America. Beyond springmakers, stampers and metal formers, we've expanded into new market areas involving electronics and medical products. And we'll keep growing, too, adding service centers, capacity, new inventory, and secondary processing from Gibbs. In essence, we want to keep working with you throughout the 21st Century just as we have since 1950's. We look forward to being your supplier when you need quality products and demand the level of customer service that has distinguished Gibbs from the very beginning.

We invite you to contact the Gibbs' service center nearest to you for a quotation, sample or assistance in solving your unique problem. We want to be your service center... we can help.

Gibbs Mission Statement

Our goal at Gibbs is to be the highest quality supplier of specialty steel products in the marketplace. We will realize this goal through use of a Continuous Improvement Plan, Employee Education, Training & a company-wide Commitment to Excellence.

The management of Gibbs recognizes that its people are the key to establishing error-free production. By promoting teamwork and providing the tools to achieve top performance, Gibbs strives to meet and surpass our customers' requirements the first time, every time.

Gibbs Core Values

“Our Core Values are the heart of our corporate culture” –Bill Torres, President & CEO

Gibbs is a team of engaged and diverse individuals dedicated to world-class execution. Although diverse, we are aligned and united in our Core Values and dedication to excellence. We have a strong trust and belief in each other along with a passion and pride for everything we do. We all strive daily to perform with the highest personal and corporate integrity focused on mutual respect, honesty, timely communication, responsibility, and accountability. We commit to conduct our business with you using these same values.

-The Gibbs Team

What Does G-I-B-B-S Stand For?

"G"-Great at execution. Be world class in all processes- safety, people, operations, and products. Know our risks.Set and meet objectives. Set and meet objectives.

"I"-Innovate and try new ideas – Use Lean, make continuous operating income improvements. PDCA. Sustain Improvements

"B"-Be outstanding at service – Create Raving Fans.

"B"-Be a great place to work – Live our values, share the rewards.

"S"-Skilled employees and leaders – Know our jobs. Strive for mastery, growth, and technical strength. Welcome and give feedback. Communicate


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