Hanson Springs Ltd

Hanson Springs Ltd

Hanson Place, Gorrels Way, Rochdale OL11 2PX, United Kingdom

AboutHanson Springs Ltd

Founded by Malcolm Hanson, Hanson Springs remains a family owned business, with Malcolm as Chairman.

Hanson Springs offers a level of personal service and attention to detail unmatched in the world of spring manufacture. A key element in our continued, worldwide success is our commitment to forming partnerships with both customers and suppliers, at all levels of business. These partnerships help foster trust and understanding which are of mutual benefit in meeting the ever-increasing demands of today's fast paced industrial landscape.

Developments in Valve Spring production never cease

Continual investment in the very latest valve spring production technology has enabled Hanson Springs to become one of the largest independent valve spring manufacturers in the world - a refreshing change, as many spring manufacturers are now part of larger and often non-spring related corporate groups.

Experience is key to a successful business, and within the Hanson Springs team are some of the most knowledgeable and skilled people in the spring making industry - not just in Britain, but worldwide.

Our promise: As long as there is a Hanson Springs, innovations in spring production processes - CNC Hot-coil & Cold-coil, CNC Auto-coil, Hand Wound Springs &Circlips and CNC Punchpress - will continue to improve both safety and reliability.