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Hood Industries-Carpenter Rigg

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Welcome to The Carpenter Group!

The Carpenter Group is your source for the highest quality wire rope, slings, and other rigging equipment. Since our founding in 1951, The Carpenter Group has proven that the customer’s safety is always our primary concern. 

With seven different locations throughout the great state of California, The Carpenter Group serves the heavy lifting needs of customers all over the West Coast. We are proud to distribute rigging products from the top manufacturers in the industry. The Carpenter Group has been recognized for excellence in all aspects of manufacturing, sales and service.

​We are an equal opportunity employer and a proud supporter of military veterans.

Our History

Carpenter Rigging & Supply Co., Inc. was founded by John L. Carpenter in 1950. The company was primarily engaged in the repair of shipboard gear as a sub-contractor to the shipyards in the Bay Area. Bernie Martin (pictured) joined the team in 1966 and in

1972, purchased control of Carpenter Rigging & Supply Co., Inc., and operations were expanded throughout California with the acquisition of nine other companies.

​In 1995, the various branches became DBA’s under The Carpenter Group and staff grew to handle the ever increasing workload of the ship repair and construction industries and other commercial work.

In 2008, Mr. Martin sold The Carpenter Group to Bruce Yoder, a longtime employee and the General Manager of American Rigging & Supply in San Diego. The Carpenter Group has consolidated operations to eight locations throughout California.