Hoselmann Stahl Gmbh

Hoselmann Stahl Gmbh

Am Südbahnhof 50, 30175 Hanover

AboutHoselmann Stahl Gmbh

Knowledge based on experience and tradition is invaluable. That is why we at Hoselmann Stahl are particularly proud to be able to look back on a success story that began in 1928.

In this year the company "Erich Hoselmann - Eisen- und Rohrenhandel" was founded in Hanover.

In the mid-1930s, the addition of drop-shipping gained national importance.

In 1965, the company experienced an additional boost when sheet metal processing was added to the program.

In 2001, the KG was renamed "Hoselmann Stahl GmbH".

In 2006 the course was set for a long-term future. Hoselmann Stahl GmbH trading and processing became a 100% subsidiary of Stappert Spezial-Stahl Handel GmbH. As an independent company, Hoselmann became a member of International Metal Service SA based in Paris.

In 2010, Jacquet Metal Service SA and International Metal Service SA merged and Hoselmann became a direct subsidiary of the Lyon-based Jacquet Metal Service Group.

With great fascination for our work and our materials, we continue to write our story so that we can offer our customers the best products and the best service today and tomorrow.

Diversity brings foresight

The entire industrialization is unthinkable without steel. Today, everyday objects made of steel are a natural part of our everyday life and enable us to live at a high level.

We at Hoselmann Stahl GmbH Trading and Processing ensure that this material is always available to make even the most innovative constructions a reality.

Because we are the specialists for quality and high-grade structural steels as well as for heat-resistant steels. As a dealer and stockist, we can provide a wide range of products and at the same time offer comprehensive services.

As a member of the Jacquet Metals Group, we also have access to other special steels throughout Europe that inspire our customers' ideas. Steel..... a material that fascinates us all anew every day and allows us to look to the future with foresight!

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