IntriPlex Technologies Inc

IntriPlex Technologies Inc

751 S Kellogg Ave, Goleta, CA 93117, United States

AboutIntriPlex Technologies Inc


We are a leading precision engineering and manufacturing firm that designs, develops, produces and sells high-quality, critical-to-function, mechanical component solutions for some of the world’s most technologically demanding applications.

IntriPlex’s 30+ years of success has been built on the concept of developing new ways of manufacturing precision metal components, replacing existing manufacturing methods with revolutionary precision forming technology. It is not uncommon for us to increase the manufacturing efficiency of products by a factor of greater than 20x traditional methods.

Innovation runs through our blood. We’re a seasoned engineering company infused with the energy of a startup, pioneering new technology for tomorrow.
Precision components going into modern devices must be more refined, more efficient, less expensive, and held to a higher standard than ever before. Every component must be custom designed for optimal performance, and new manufacturing technologies may need to be developed and utilized to achieve these exacting standards while minimizing costs. With IntriPlex design and manufacturing expertise, we are driving innovative solutions and meeting performance demands head on.

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