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JC Gibbons Manufacturing Inc

35055 Glendale St, Livonia, MI 48150, United States

AboutJC Gibbons Manufacturing Inc


We are a US manufacturer that is proud of our history and evolution over the years. View any of the years shown below to see important milestones in our history. Click on each of the years to see what happened at JCGibbons MFG Inc!


Six additional Davenport Screw Machines were purchased to increase capacity and reach a total of 28 machines


Two additional Davenport Model B’s were purchased to add to our growing department now at 23 Davenports.


A new cell was created adding an additional 4 axis lathe and a mini mill giving JCGibbons the opportunity to grow with the rising demands of new production requirements.


A high volume Mectron vision system was installed giving JCGibbons the ability to manage additional requirements by their customers. In addition, a new Brother TC-S2D drill and tap machine was added into the CNC department allowing for rapid milling, drilling and tapping operations.


The Johnford TC-35 was added to our CNC department giving us the ability to produce bar fed product 3 inches in diameter.


A Daewoo Lynx 210L CNC machining lathe was purchased, increasing capacity to four CNC machining lathes.


A second Eurotech Elite CNC machining lathe was purchased, increasing capacity to three CNC machining lathes.


Jerry’s third son Dan joined the JCG team and became the third Gibbons to join the fold.


With floor space maxed out and production requirements increasing, it was time for a move. A newer 22,000 sq. ft. location in Livonia was identified and purchased, marking the first move in over 35 years. JCG now had room to increase production and space for growth in the future.


Jerry’s son Jeff decided to make a career change and join the company.


Eurotech Elite SL 5 axis lathe and Excel 510 vertical mill were purchased. Glendale building was turned into CNC machining center housing all CNC equipment.


Glendale building next door was purchased as additional storage and future home of additional equipment. Miyano BNC 34T CNC Lathe was purchased.


First CNC Machine – Mori Seiki SL4 was purchased, expanding capacity, adding prototype capabilities and upgrading technology.


Built a 2500 sq ft. addition as additional screw machines were added.


Purchased first two new Davenports.


John and Jerry purchased their first used Davenport from AMSCO and Wendel Rogers for $4,000. Their first job was to manufacture 300,000 bushings a month. With five spindles and the ability to back burr, the one Davenport out produced the three Brown and Sharpes and one Acme Gridley that had been previously running the bushings. Ironically, they nearly sold the Davenport before it was even unloaded for $5000 but better judgment told them they were on to something and they kept the machine. Today J.C.Gibbons has 20 Davenports in its arsenal.

Funny Note: The reason that JC Gibbons even got into Davenports was because of the bushing job they were manufacturing. That job was a result of Jerry’s wife Carolee who gave the owner of the company she was temping for Jerry’s business card. John and Jerry received the PO and production increased so much that they purchased the Davenport to meet the demands of production.


Moved into a 2,400 sq ft building with a 1,200 sq ft steel shed at 12715 Braile St. in Detroit. John used all his financial resources to make the move happen. Within the week, he was notified that the bulk of the directional lever work that helped build the company was moving south. John and Jerry had to regroup and develop a new customer base immediately.


Purchased two used 7/8” Acme Gridley’s Model G. Each machine cost $300 and was considered junk. John and Jerry also fixed and repaired both machines making them production ready. Purchased a Whirl single spindle screw machine.


Purchased first used OG Brown and Sharpe.


J.C. Gibbons Mfg. moved to Finkle and Meyers streets in Detroit, Michigan into a 450 sq ft vacant building with 7’ ceilings that was previously used by a coal company. John and Jerry fixed it up and rented it for the next five years.

JCG hires their first employee!

Purchased a used air compressor to help with production on Traubs.

Manufactured 50,000 carburetor jets a month for the Ford Wixom plant.

September 1959

John Clifton Gibbons (the original JCG) used entire savings of $4000 to purchase three Traubs (two A25’s and one x A15), one chip spinner and a Toledo Scale to start the company. It left him with $18 in the bank. John was laid off by Ford as a machine repairman for the second time when an opportunity presented itself through two customers, Inland Tool and Servco Inc., to manufacture directional levers for Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick.

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