Jesco Industries, Inc.

Jesco Industries, Inc.

950 Anderson Rd, Litchfield, MI 49252

AboutJesco Industries, Inc.

Jesco Industries, Inc. offers custom fabrication and material handling equipment to customers across the globe. We build everything that we sell and have specialized in custom metal fabrication since 1932.


Jesco Industries manufactures over 50 different sizes of self-dumping hoppers in various capacities. Since the beginning, specialties have always been a strong part of our company. Our customers appreciate the quality of products we produce.

As a metal fabrication company, we’re always looking forward to our next design challenge. For example, we developed a new line of dumpsters called the Jesco HYDRATILT™. This dumpster operates off the hydraulic system of a forklift and comes in five sizes. We also expanded our specialty lines to include side pivot hoppers, filter press hoppers, low profile portable hoppers, and rotator boxes.

Our Wire & Iron Products Division

WIPCO stands for the Wire & Iron Products Company, a division of Jesco Industries.

During the 80’s and 90’s, we acquired two companies that later became the foundation of WIPCO. The first we acquired in 1985 because it specialized in woven wire mesh partitions. The second was a wire company we acquired in the mid-90’s that produced woven wire mesh in a rectangular pattern.

This second company allowed us to introduce new product lines of tenant storage lockers, pallet guard wire backs, machine guarding enclosures, and wire mesh enclosures.

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