John M Henderson

John M Henderson

Station Works, North Street Forfar, Angus, Scotland, DD8 3BN United Kingdom

AboutJohn M Henderson

Engineering the World

John M Henderson made its name more than 150 years ago, as the designers and engineers behind some of the world’s most ambitious machines.

Almost anywhere that a casual glance falls on a world map, someone from John M Henderson has been at work. To name a few, John M Henderson name is associated with Aerial Cableway installations worldwide in the 1870s; Slipway installations in countries like Egypt, Nigeria, Malta, Gibraltar in 1920s; Dam Projects in Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Hong Kong, Mexico and Sudan in 1930s; and Cranes required for bridge construction projects in Australia, South Africa, India, Rhodesia and Uganda in the 1950s.

Shaping the World’s Coke Making Equipment

The creative strength and independence of mind continue to guide us

John M Henderson main speciality today is Coke Oven Machinery, which have been successfully engineered and innovated for over 70 years.

With more than 200 coke oven machinery projects successfully completed in more than 30 countries all over the world over the past seven decades, John M Henderson has engineered the Best Available Coke Oven Machinery Technology.John M Henderson technology delivers a powerful combination of Fully Manless Operation with Total Environmental Control, each machine tailored to meet customer’s specific configuration and requirements.

Today, John M Henderson is the World Leader of Coke Oven Machinery. Manless. Smokeless. Complete.

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