Kurt Manufacturing

Kurt Manufacturing

5280 Main St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421, United States

AboutKurt Manufacturing

The Kurt Difference

 Innovating. Improving. Impressing.

What makes Kurt different? It starts with what we put into our products, passion that leads to profound pride, and the endless desire to deliver perfection on time, every time. We know you deserve and demand our very best. That’s why we’ll never settle for good enough.

It’s this dedication that created our legacy of excellence. One that was earned through our consistent processes, exceptional quality parts, constant innovation, and helping our customers exceed their own expectations. Because we know that when we do our job right, you won’t have to worry about yours.

Kurt’s Core Four

Four ways we lead the way.


Since 1959, we’ve helped our clients exceed their own expectations by elevating ours.


We stay on top of the latest trends with the fastest, most innovative machines and processes.


We’re focused on creating painstakingly perfect products because our clients demand it.


No matter the volume or demand, Kurt is always there to deliver.

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