L-tec Steel Industry Products, Member Of Esab Group, Inc.

L-tec Steel Industry Products, Member Of Esab Group, Inc.

L-TEC Steel Industry Products, 181 E. Evans Street, Suite 18,Florence, South Carolina 29506 USA

AboutL-tec Steel Industry Products, Member Of Esab Group, Inc.

ESAB does business in the steel and other heavy industries as L-TEC Steel Industry Products Division. This division was formed in July 1985 by the purchase of Union Carbide Corporation’s (UCC) welding, cutting and scarfing machine businesses including the associated distribution network, engineering and manufacturing facilities. Transferred to L-TEC were UCC’s business obligations, trademarks, licenses patents and staff. Thereby providing an ongoing continuum of expertise to the welding and steel conditioning industry.  

Over the years, the steel industry continually has had to improve Slab and Bloom surface quality to meet more rigid customer specifications. In turn, steel mill operators increasingly have come to depend upon our scarfing machines (machines for thermo chemically removing surface defects) to help them meet these more rigid specifications reliably and economically.

Hundreds of patents granted around the world over a period of more than 70 years attest to our role as a pioneer and world leader in the development of scarfing machines and scarfing processes since the early 1930’s. The first production machine was built and installed in 1935, and now, many years later, hundreds of machines have been shipped for operation to over 30 countries. These rugged and dependable machines represent the most complete and versatile line of scarfing machines in the world. As a result of L-TEC’s policy of continuing leadership in research, development and service, supported by a complete scarfing laboratory and a worldwide service organization, L-TEC will continue to be a worldwide leader in the manufacture of steel conditioning equipment.  Although L-TEC Scarfing Machines form the greater part of L-TEC’s steel industry products and business, a number of other steel mill related products are included and described in the Products section of this website. 

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