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Long-Stanton Manufacturing Co

9388 Sutton Pl, West Chester Township, OH 45011, United States

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John Stanton became an apprentice to, and then purchased the business of Ira Bisbee, established in 1835. He used his experience as a metal engraver to start his company by stamping metal coins to be used as money. By 1865, Mr. Stanton's business was a leading producer in Civil War era currency in the United States. Today, Long-Stanton is a 6th generation family business. We have over 180 years of dedicated service to our clients, and we look forward to what the next 180 years will bring.

1835 - 1851

The company that became Long-Stanton was founded in 1835 by Ziba Bisbee in Cincinnati, Ohio. They specialized in steel brands and stencil cutting. In 1848 his son Ira took over the business.

1852 - 1865

John Stanton became an apprentice to Ira and then purchased the business from him. Over the years he developed a large mail order business making tokens for politicians and political movements, including the 1860 presidential campaign.

During the Civil War, Stanton and his partner Murdock were the largest manufacturers of fractional legal tender. These were called "store cards" because they acted as a form of currency, with a general value of $0.01, while also allowing companies to advertise their products and services.

The company was located at 139 West 5th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. The current location of Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

1866 - 1955

The John Stanton Company was in the metal novelty business, making products like coins for company stores (especially in the coal & lumber industry), political tokens, and tin plate busts of famous people like Abraham Lincoln.


Long-Stanton Mfg. was formed from the merger of the John Stanton Co, the Henry Long Company, and the Jaeckh Sprayer Company. It purchased a building at 910 Baymiller Street in Cincinnati.


Long-Stanton began making the cooking pans and other components for the Kenner Easy Bake Oven, the bestselling toy of the 1960’s . Park Gast (4th generation owner) said that “This is the project that enabled Long-Stanton Mfg. Co. to re-invest and grow.”

1966 - 1967

Long-Stanton worked closely with our customer to design and develop the 1st safety nozzles with automatic shutoff, for fueling cars and trucks. We are still making parts for this application to this day.


June 20th, 1977, Lisa Wetterich started at Long-Stanton, it is also the same day we moved into our present building, in West Chester Township, consolidating from 2 locations in Cincinnati.


November 8th, 1995, Long-Stanton was certified ISO 9003:2000 – one of the first companies in our industry with this quality certification.

2006 - 2009

In 2006 Long-Stanton is named Cincinnati’s “Family Business of the Year” by the Goering Center for Family Business at the University of Cincinnati. In 2009 Long-Stanton was named the Goering Centers “Family Business of the Decade”. Dan Cunningham (5th Generation Owner), says that “to win this award almost 150 years after our company opened its doors, is a testament the hard work and dedications of generations of men and women that made it possible for me to stand before you today.”

2014 - 2015

Long-Stanton wins its first two Manny Awards for manufacturing excellence.


We Honor John Stanton’s Legacy by minting our “Indecision 2016” campaign coin with Hillary Clinton on one side and Donald Trump on the other.


Long-Stanton is a 6th generation family business. We have over 180 years of dedicated service to our clients, and we look forward to what the next 150 years will bring.

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