Lowe Manufacturing Company, Inc

Lowe Manufacturing Company, Inc

18903 High Point Dr, Viola, WI 54664, United States

AboutLowe Manufacturing Company, Inc

At LOWE®, attachments are not just add-on items to our product line, they are our entire focus.  Since our first hydraulic auger attachment was sold in 1971, we at Lowe Manufacturing Company, Inc. have followed a simple philosophy; “Design and build specific products that offer the best performance, durability, and overall value in the attachment industry.”

We know we have to be better than the big name competition or we would not survive.  But the success of our approach is quite clear.  Today, LOWE® is a highly regarded producer of auger, trenching, and grapple attachments with a worldwide reputation for excellent performance and value. 

There is an element of personal family pride that goes into each product we build.  Family ownership means we have only the customer to answer to.  This direct contact with the customer makes us even better.  There are no extra layers of management, no public stockholders clamoring for a dividend, and no parent corporations that would interfere with this relationship.

When you call our office, you will be greeted by a human voice that will quickly get you the information that you desire.  We know that you buy our products because you freely choose to do so and we sincerely appreciate your business.


Over the years, the enhancements that have been made to auxiliary hydraulic systems now allow skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, compact utility tractors, mini-loaders, backhoes, cranes, and other machinery to become even more productive for the user.  In effect, they become mobile power units for the attachment working tool.

That is why LOWE® offers so many different models of auger, trenching, and grapple attachments.  Every model is precisely designed to maximize the size, specific flows, and pressures found on today’s machinery.  The result is greater performance and better value from your machinery investment.


More evidence of our quality and durability is found in the high quality components used in all of our products.  Top quality motors, gearboxes, bearings, cylinders, and other items help assure the highest levels of product quality.

Then, we use specific steel alloys and heat-treating to assure that certain other parts are kept to that high standard.  Even our lowest cost auger drive units, for example, use heat-treated shafts and higher quality components than competitor’s higher cost products.

We then back up this component quality with our own advanced processes and manufacturing equipment.  Indeed, our manufacturing facility always seems to surprise visiting experts and has been described as one of the most capable and efficient in the industry.

Proof of excellence is in how our products perform.  It is not unusual to see our products on the job where other brands are not considered.  This high customer satisfaction level is a major reason why important O.E.M. companies such as Gehl, ASV, JCB, and Mustang supply LOWE® products on a direct basis to support their own equipment.  Numerous dealerships for other brands also specify LOWE® products for their own use, in spite of corporate pressure.

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