Lps Bossard Pvt Ltd

Lps Bossard Pvt Ltd

NH-10, Delhi-Rohtak Road, Kharawar By-pass, IN-124001 Rohtak Haryana 

AboutLps Bossard Pvt Ltd

How We Add Value

We live in a fascinating world. We're surrounded by great products. They're all fastened together with - screws, nuts and bolts.

Every solution we create is to enable you to achieve higher productivity.

  • It is about helping you to choose the right fastener for the right application
  • It is about supporting your new product design with our technical expertise
  • It is about enabling a lean process in C-parts management

Proven Productivity for Competitiveness

«Proven Productivity» is our contribution to boosting the competitiveness of our customers – sustainably and measurably

The Rule of 15-85 – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in Fastening

Every solution we create, is designed to reduce costs, according to the TCO concept in fastening.

Key Challenges in Supply Chain Management

Global competition, rising commodity costs, higher energy costs, inflation and increasing labour costs add more pressure to high productivity.

Quality Commitment

Quality is never an accident. Do you know which factors affect the quality of a single screw?

Next Generation

Identify potential optimization areas for higher productivity.

Proven Productivity Stories

Discover how the customers have boosted competitiveness sustainably and measureably We are exited to share with you 35 individual stories.

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