Mack Manufacturing Inc

Mack Manufacturing Inc

7205 Bellingrath Rd, Theodore, AL 36582, United States

AboutMack Manufacturing Inc

“Quality First”

For four generations, the people at Mack Manufacturing have been learning our quality heritage the right way: hands on!

Mack originated as a welding shop in 1942, and every family member since has come into the business with a personal appreciation of the craft. While the company has evolved into the required knowledge and skills to support our thriving, multifaceted enterprise, Mack’s family values remain firmly rooted in our pride of workmanship.

One shop – One standard

Our 61,730 sq. ft. Mack facility located on 10.9 acres in Theodore, AL, is fully equipped to complete our full range of manufacturing and re-manufacturing tasks under one roof. Mack maintains its own onsite engineering staff and technology, supporting our professional staff in customer service and quality assurance. Our production services are built on a highly experienced manufacturing team providing the trade skills to operate and maintain our comprehensive fabrication machinery, from plasma arc burning, precision CNC machining, pulse arc welding to final finish.

The shared insights and experience of our team help us to maintain the industry’s best field support capabilities. Sales, service and engineering staff are fully initiated into Mack’s inside procedures and processes before they are assigned to represent us in the field. Their personal experience is the key to delivering the expert onsite training that helps customers to maximize the service life and productivity of their equipment.

From insights to innovation

Mack’s program of continuous improvement and innovation begins with the insights of our people in the field, working with customers to anticipate changing applications and trends, and bringing that knowledge back to the factory.

Over the years, Mack has developed many of the industry’s most successful new products including the first electro-hydraulic interlocking log grapple and the first five-tine “orange-peel” grapple for pulpwood.

Our commitment to bringing better ideas to customers extends to customizing any product to suit the specialized needs of any process or application.

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