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Omni Manufacturing

901 McKinley Rd, St Marys, OH 45885, United States

AboutOmni Manufacturing

In 1983, Omni Manufacturing, Inc. launched as a fledgling supplier of tools for the metal stamping industry. In its infancy, Omni built simple and complex dies, automated transfer systems and anything in between. As the company matured, Omni developed a reputation as a high quality manufacturer in the tooling industry.

By 1985 Omni became involved in the metal stamping industry, as many clients were seeking partner companies to make production runs with their tools. This was a natural progression for Omni, as they could build the tools and then set up production operations, all in one location.

Not long after starting production operations, Omni’s reputation continued to spread through the industry, resulting in a meteoric growth to their client list. Early products were in the appliance, hardware, and construction industries, eventually spreading to automotive product lines. It was around this time that Omni became a major supplier to a “name brand” client that manufactured and sold garage door openers around the world, thus bolstering Omni's reputation as a trusted company that produced high quality products.

Over the years, Omni has partnered with companies in a variety of industries, including the automotive industry, and is proud to have forged relationships with suppliers of major American and foreign automotive companies working on complete projects. This includes design, development and construction of major tool programs, and the production runs that follow.

After over 30 years of increasing product lines and rapid growth, Omni Manufacturing’s facilities have grown in turn; from a few thousand square feet, to over 200,000 square feet and over 25 acres of prime real estate. In this time, Omni's accomplishments demonstrate our ability to manufacture quality tools and production runs, both large and small. We are guided by a staff that is capable of operating our multi-million dollar operation, while remaining focused on structured plans for future growth.

Today, Omni maintains a reputation for meeting high quality standards and dependability for our customers, as that reputation is responsible for the successful growth of our company. We're proud of the fact that we have never employed a sales staff--rather, we've employed a strong work ethic and a determination to continue to provide high quality products in a timely manner.