Parbhat Heavy forge Pvt. Ltd

Parbhat Heavy forge Pvt. Ltd

Parbhat heavy forge Pvt Ltd

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AboutParbhat Heavy forge Pvt. Ltd

Parbhat Heavy forge Pvt. Ltd, an ISO 9001:2000 Company introduces itself as a Group of medium size Engineering Companies engaged in the manufacturing of Forgings in all grades of Steel.

It had a humble beginning with few machines and limited manpower.  The hard and dedicated work of the entrepreneur and their commitment to quality, aided with the positive response from customers from all four corners of Country has taken them across the World, known for Quality and Commitments.  All research and development, quality and Processing are undertaken under ONE ROOF.  This has enabled the Unit to expand to produce good quality products.

Rolling Mill Machinery:

Parbhat Heavy Forge Pvt. Ltd is considered among the renowned Rolling Mill Stands manufacturers. It offers the Rolling Mill stands in the C.I Castings product range. The design and specifications of the Rolling Mill Stands manufactured by us,  is such as to ensure its durability and longevity. In addition the Rolling Mill Stands are designed with specifications as per the customer’s needs and demands.The Plant is well equipped with all the modern facilities for the production of Graded Rolling Mill Stands and hence ensures the superlative quality of these Rolling Mill Stands. We offer these Rolling Mill stands at most affordable prices to their valued customers. The customers are also facilitated with the ready availability and prompt delivery of Rolling Mill Stands. Through quality management and process of continues improvement the company endeavors to deliver the best Rolling Mill Stands to the market.

Steel Forgings:

All kinds of carbon and alloy steel forgings in all dimensions and shapes (Single piece upto 8000 kgs) can be manufactured at the most modern plant in the (PUNJAB) India for heavy forgings. We manufacture all kinds of grades and are fully equipped to supply them in the finish condition as per the requirement of the customer. We are catering to Sugar mill industry, paper mill industry, rolling mill industry, stainless steel rolling industry, Ship manufacturing industry, Crane manufacturing industry(Crane wheels)And all kinds of die forging industry for there requirements of dies, blocks and anvil.

With a full fledged quality control department and most modern facility for inspection we offer the best quality product.

Steel rolls and Chilled rolls:

Parbhat heavy forge is manufacturing the best quality rolls for rolling mills in all sizes and shapes as per the customers requirement. We manufacture ADAMITE, S.G. Iron, DPIC, Forged rolls, ICICI, Solid CHILLED rolls and shafted rolls as per there applications at various places. We also manufacture rolls for stainless steel rolling and cardboard/paper industry. We ensure proper hardness and reduction to deliver good quality product with maximum life. Our rolls offer maximum value for money. Our higher production capacity ensures in time delivery of the product to the customer.

Crank Shafts:

Parbhat heavy forge Pvt Ltd is specialized in cranks for stone crusher machinery. Parbhat Heavy Forge Pvt. Ltd has managed to earn its identity as one of the reliable manufacturer of Crank shafts. We provide square and round Crank Shafts and double and single stroke Crank Shafts as per the requirement and applications. We also provide Crank Shafts applicable for Oil Engines, Hydraulic Presses, Power Presses, Forging Presses, etc. The Crank Shafts are designed and manufactured as per the required specifications and demands of the customer. Our company is committed to supply premium quality Crank Shafts and related goods since their prime concern are customer's satisfaction. With a full fledged Quality Control Department and most modern inspection equipments, it offers the most reliable Crank Shafts of superlative quality to its valued customers.

Seamless Rings:

Seamless rings give the illusion of a closed ring. Seamless rings have a cut that when opened, allows for piercing insertion. Seamless rings are forged from a single "donut" shaped block of metal. For this reason, seamless rings are formed to be used in train, car or automobile wheels, bearing housings, gears, engine turbines, jet engine turbines and wind turbines. Seamless rings may be forged into a wide range of dimensions. The seamless rings are heated to low or high forging temperatures and are then pounded into a flatter circular shape which is then punched in the center to form a "donut" shape. The production of seamless rings is often performed by a process called ring rolling on rolling mills. The Seamless rings can be produced in configurations ranging from flat, washer-like parts to tall, cylindrical shapes. The simplest and most commonly used shape in seamless rings is rectangular cross-section ring.

Cast iron moulds:

Parbhat heavy forge Pvt Ltd is manufacturing graded Cast iron moulds in all sizes and shapes. Cast iron moulds were manufactured by casting the molten metal in sand moulds which allows fairly complex shapes to be produced.

Cast iron moulds were formed into structural elements by pouring the molten and extremely fluid material into moulds formed in damp sand. These cast iron moulds were normally in two halves. We can cast a single cast iron mould up to 20,000 kgs. All kinds of other cast iron moulds like slag box, bed plates are manufactured in parbhat heavy forge pvt ltd., these cast iron moulds are manufactured at regular basis without compromising on quality.