Plas-Tal Manufacturing Co

Plas-Tal Manufacturing Co

8815 Sorensen Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, United States

AboutPlas-Tal Manufacturing Co

Who we are...

Plas-Tal Manufacturing was formed in 1947 and spent its first years producing specialty products made of plastic and metal. In the early 1950’s Plas-Tal ventured out into the construction marketplace. After completing its first project the company continued on in the structural steel fabrication and erection industry and built a number of Los Angeles and Orange County schools.

Eventually Plas-Tal expanded out into the industrial construction sector. Projects at the Santa Susanna Testing Lab and Vandenberg AFB for companies like Rockwell and McDonnell Douglas are just a few examples of the work the company performed during the early 1960’s. In 1963 Plas-Tal left their Hollidale, CA facility and moved to Santa Fe Springs, CA.

For the next two decades Plas-Tal focused its efforts in the industrial steel construction marketplace. Work continued in the aerospace industry and expanded to local refinery and material handling work as well.

In the mid to late eighties the company began to perform seismic repair and upgrade work after several Southern California earthquakes. The hiring of additional personnel and consistent growth over the next few years allowed further expansion into the commercial construction sector. Since then Plas-Tal has continued to serve both the industrial and commercial construction industries.

Plas-Tal is currently undergoing a transition period in which the third generation of ownership is being introduced. We look forward to continued service in our industry knowing that our reputation will allow us to continue our valued traditions and legacy for years to come.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality steel fabrication and erection services to the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors of the Southern California construction marketplace. Our goal is to add value our customers through our experienced and professional staff, who are fully committed to our customers’ needs and meeting schedules. Plas-Tal is committed to providing on time and reliable services for structural steel as well as, custom, unusual and difficult steel fabrications fashioned by the finest craftsmen at a competitive cost. Plas-Tal is also dedicated to maintaining the utmost integrity at all times and providing its employees with a rewarding place to work.

Vision Statement

Plas-tal is committed to continuing to perform at a high level of value and quality for our customers. We will work to increase our productivity and the quality of our operation by better organization and capitalization. We can achieve our vision when we:

Stay true to our core values

• Continue to invest capital and energy in our safety program to keep our employees healthy

•Continue building a high performance culture

•Report our results, opportunities, and problems honestly and reliably.


•Develop strategies based on learning from past successes and failures.

•Maximize the earnings and cash flow from our assets and business

•Invest in our organization, personnel & equipment to improve quality and overall performance


•Promote and implement policies that build effective markets.

•Adapt rapidly to changing markets, politics, economics and technology to meet our customers’ needs.

•Investigate new markets

•Define our most profitably projects by types of work and dollar value to better define our best market.

Shop Operations

•Improve Quality Control, including welding control.

•Study and improve work flow to improve productivity.

•Look into new ways to lay out and design the shop to create greater efficiency.

Field Operation

•Study equipment needs and recommendations for purchase.

•Improve organization and chain of command

Project Management

•Improve methods of organizing projects.

•Utilizing existing technologies to create a more standardized process.

Accounting & Purchasing

•Improve reporting of project status and results for Project Management.

•Develop Cost Standard for labor and equipment.

•Improve material control procedures