Proos Manufacturing, LLC

Proos Manufacturing, LLC

2558 Oak Industrial Dr NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505, United States

AboutProos Manufacturing, LLC

We aim to change the game and break the rules. With an emphasis on attitude, energy, and effort, we design and manufacture solutions that move our customers forward. Through intentional growth, mastery of skill, and commitment to our people and the communities we serve, we bring a spark to the material handling industry.

Our beginnings. With no end in sight.

We know that building anything, including a business, is a process. The values and principles Proos was started with remain the same as our offerings and technologies continue to evolve.


In 2020, Proos is focusing on scalable growth. We are focusing on building out international partnerships, both with our customer base and in global supply chain development.


Warehouse space on Ball St was acquired to bring paint line operations in house. This addition gives Proos more control over lead times, improves communication, and enhances customer relationships.


Bryan Howard purchases Proos and shifts the company’s focus heavily towards engineering and design for manufacturability. By the end of 2018, Proos’ business had grown 75%.


Proos sells the Michigan Street plant in order to consolidate operations into one building on Oak Industrial Drive.

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