Reed Manufacturing Company

Reed Manufacturing Company

1425 W 8th St, Erie, PA 16502, United States

AboutReed Manufacturing Company

Reed Manufacturing in Erie, PA is celebrating 125 years of supplying industry with the highest-quality pipe tools and vises for the professional trades. Carl Reed, scion of one of Erie’s pioneer families, along with three partners, started the business in 1896. In 1899 they filed papers to incorporate as Reed Manufacturing. The filing stated that they had $100,000 in capital and that they made a variety of products including pipe wrenches and plumbing supplies, as is still the case, but also scales, bicycles, and laundry machinery. They built the iconic ivy-covered building at 1425 West 8th Street that same year.

In 1902 Reuben Wright of Westfield, NY (a mere 35 miles from Erie), who had created his fortune by selling supplies to forty-niners during the Gold Rush and added to it with lumber interests, bought the company and installed his elder son Paul as president and his youngest son Ross as secretary-treasurer. Reuben’s great-great grandsons Scott (Company President and Chairman of the Board) and Mark (Retired and a Board Member) are actively involved with REED to this day.  

REED tools were used in the construction of the Panama Canal. Subsequently in 1915, REED bench vises were awarded a gold medal and REED pipe dies received a bronze medal at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. A distantly related pair of Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, used a REED vise in their Dayton bicycle/aviation shop. REED was a defense contractor during both world wars, turning out stocks, dies, and pipe cutters in the Great War and wrenches, turbine buckets, and airplane engine mounts for World War II. Additionally, their Shaw Machine for pressing collars was installed in all Navy ships and could be found in most commercial laundries across the United States. In 1947 the company expanded by adding a second plant at 421 West 12th Street. That property was sold in 1985 and REED continued expanding through global sales. REED was exporting from early in its existence with relationships in Europe and beyond.  They increased their international sales team and by 1993 they were exporting to 75 countries.  Today REED sells into over 100 countries. Still housed in the historic building at 1425 West 8th Street, REED remains an Erie landmark.


From the company’s beginning, REED associates have invented tools that continually become industry standards, including the Quick Release™ Tubing Cutter, various tools for plastic pipe, vises, plus Hinged Pipe Cutters and Rotary Pipe Cutters for large diameter pipe. In addition to new tools, each year REED makes end-user driven improvements and refinements to existing tools. The BEST EVER designation is given to a tool whose quality, benefits, or performance has been significantly improved over all previous versions. These continuous improvements are advantages to buying REED.  WHY REED? statements throughout our literature and website explain why that REED tool is superior to any other on the market. The information also can be used with confidence to compare REED products with competitive methods. Each year brings more additions and improvements to the breadth and depth of the REED tool line. Recent additions include Pump Stick® water transfer pump, Clean Ream Extreme® fitting reamers, Bevel Boss™ pipe beveler, Bear Hug™ squeeze tools, along with continuous improvements to long-standing tools.  REED takes pride in manufacturing high quality tools to provide tool solutions.


Committed to providing the best customer service in the industry, REED’s principal goal is to ship 95% of orders complete within three days. Since many inside sales people are trained with outside sales personnel, they know the tools, the industry, and the answer to just about any question. REED customer service staff routinely strives to expedite rush orders the day of receipt, thus helping distributors and tool-users meet their own service obligations. The complete team of REED Associates, Regional Managers, and Manufacturer Reps works together to provide excellent service to distributors and tool-users.

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