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Richwood contributes to the productivity of the material handling industry by providing reliable, application specific conveyor solutions to a world-wide clientele.

Every day, you make decisions to help move your company forward. The choice to partner with Richwood for maximum efficiency from your conveyor operations is a strategic decision that will provide quantifiable returns for years to come.

Since inception as a belt cleaner manufacturer, Richwood envisioned bringing dependable and complete solutions to our clients. Richwood product innovation is not simply a re-design for the sake of looking different. The engineering behind the products provides real solutions based on the needs of our clients.

Demands on conveyor operating systems continue to increase in our world. More tonnage, more speed, more operating hours, more availability, more efficiency – these are the call to constant improvement that Richwood responds to like no other.

Working in extreme conditions? That’s the world we work in for you every day.

Today, Richwood clients span many industries around the globe. But they all still have common challenges. They require maximum productivity, safe operating conditions, a minimum of maintenance issues and lower operating costs. Richwood can help you meet your productivity goals with a dedication to partnership and real-world solutions that remains unchanged. Experience real return on your investment - Choose Richwood conveyor solutions.

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