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Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co

1270 Phillip Murray Ave, Oshawa, ON L1J 6Z9, Canada

AboutRider Tool and Manufacturing Co

Metal Manufacturing Company & Fabrication Shop

The Szakacsi Family has operated Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. for over 50-years. We specialize in serving manufacturing companies in the oil and gas, mining, cement and steel sectors, where we have established a reputation as a provider of high quality and service. Our company is backed by a rich history of quality products in the fabrication and machining business. We also serve industries throughout the world.

From 1968 to Now

Our company began in 1968 with the creation of the ‘Rider’ snowmobile side-sled, a popular device that allowed snowmobile riders to bring along passengers in a safe, stable way. This device was trusted by hundreds of families as a way of letting young children enjoy the fun of taking a snowmobile ride without putting them in harm’s way. The initial design was further refined into the “Rider-Ambulance” model, which modified the sled for use by Oshawa St. John’s Ambulance dispatch teams. This model was made to medical-grade standards and was used to help transport patients comfortably and securely over the kind of troublesome winter terrain that was previously much more hazardous to cross. These origins speak to our company’s proven commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety.

We have since moved into the realms of more traditional machining and fabrication for manufacturing companies, but we still pride ourselves on our living up to our legacy company that excels in quality components that put function first. No job can intimidate our expert staff or overwhelm our capacious production facilities. Whether your project is simple or complex, your production run tiny or massive, or your design tried-and-true or completely new, we know we can get the job done for you. We’ve done it for countless manufacturing companies in the past.

Bringing Manufacturing Companies a Personal Touch

We also know that placing an order for top-quality metal fabrication goods for manufacturing companies is not as simple as filling in an order form. To get the best results, you need contact with and to have trust in the production team during all parts of the process. That’s why Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. strongly emphasizes client relationships as an integral part of our business model. Our staff will be happy to get to know you and your individual machining needs, and will use that knowledge to make sure you get exactly what you want. Thanks to our years of experience serving a varied clientele, we have the expertise to optimize and fully implement the best solutions for the diverse needs of all kinds of manufacturing companies. Whatever your facility needs, our team can make it happen.

Leveraging the Power of Technology

These days, even the most competent and knowledgeable people around cannot fully succeed without some help from modern technology. To help our staff do the best work possible, we make regular investments in the latest software and machinery to augment and facilitate every part of the production process. Every day that manufacturing companies spend waiting for new parts and equipment is a potential day of production that is lost, and we know how detrimental that can be for our customers.

We are committed to keeping up with modern practices and seek to constantly refine our operations to meet the cutting-edge standards of manufacturing companies today. This allows us to finish orders quickly while still maintaining the exacting standards for precision and quality. With this method, we can deliver the superior ROI that our customers expect from industry leaders like us.

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