Searing Industries, Inc

Searing Industries, Inc

8901 Arrow Route,Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

AboutSearing Industries, Inc


The saying goes “the devil is in the details.”

We prefer to believe your success lies within our attention to detail.

That is one reason our value-add services are a focus.

Never an after-thought.

You might say the Searing family tree is made of steel. Searing Industries founder and entrepreneur Richard Searing was one of the first employees to ever run a tube mill in the United States dating back to 1948. He later became the president and owner of three different tubing operations before starting Searing Industries along with his two sons, Lee and Jim, in 1985. Since then, the third generation has joined the business, keeping the Searing family firmly rooted in the steel industry.

Our company relocated from the Los Angeles area to a much larger facility in Rancho Cucamonga in 1991. Today, our California facility houses five mechanical tube mills, a structural mill, cutting, chamfering and deburring equipment, slitting, laser capabilities and paint lines.

In 2014, we opened one of North America’s most state-of-the-art tube mills in Cheyenne, Wyoming to extend our products and services to distributors and OEMs in the Plains and the Midwest. Our 200,000 square foot Wyoming facility includes some of the newest tube mill equipment available in the world, allowing us to be even more responsive to customer requests and schedules.

Responsiveness is one of the principles that Richard, Lee and Jim have instilled in our culture and our team. It fuels our philosophy of endless and creative mill flexibilities upon which so many customers have come to rely. We love nothing more than a challenge that another mill might call impossible. Where others see steel, we see possibilities.

Our responsiveness and creativity are only made possible because Searing is home to many of the most skilled employees in the trade. We all take great pride in our dedication to quality, expertise and, above all else, customer service. From our creative mill scheduling to our extensive inventory, from our owned fleet of vehicles to our willingness to challenge what is possible, everything we do centers on customer service. Richard, Lee and Jim won’t have it any other way.


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