Sevaan Group

Sevaan Group

12 Reaghs Farm Rd, Minto NSW 2566, Australia

AboutSevaan Group

Formed in 1997, Sevaan Group is the result of an amalgamation of two well established manufacturing businesses with a combined 50 year history in the machining and sheet metal industry. Their ambition for future expansion in both local and overseas markets, saw the need to work together and form the Sevaan Group. Sevaan is helmed by Jim and Artemis Tzakos, 30 year veterans of the metal manufacturing and fabrication industry, whose love for creating quality products is only matched by their obsession with perfection.

A major component of moving forward is planning ahead. While their staff are diligently focused on the present and the work being delivered to their high standards, it’s the responsibility of Sevaan’s management team to ensure the security of their future through innovation and cultural development. From the top down, every person at Sevaan receives the required training to do their job at an optimal level, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability are maintained.

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