Southern Systems Inc

Southern Systems Inc

4101 Viscount Ave, Memphis, TN 38118, United States

AboutSouthern Systems Inc

Founded in 1968 Southern Systems, continues to be focused on providing exceptional products and service to its customers for more than 50 years. Southern Systems remains committed to customer satisfaction by providing the best value, quality, and expertise available in our field. The mission of the organization, “Simplify clients lives by offering the best heavy-duty conveyor and material handling solutions” is the passion of our people.

We engineer, manufacture, and install heavy-duty, custom conveyor systems as related to unit and bulk handling projects. We serve a diverse customer base that spans many industries including package sortation, automotive, defense, appliance, aerospace, agricultural equipment, steel mills, warehousing, food processing, bulk storage, and HVAC manufacturing.

Projects at SSI range from small system modifications to multi-million dollar green-field programs. Our conveyors are used in the manufacture and processing of small products, weighing only several ounces, to unit loads over 100,000 pounds and almost every shape and size in between.

Our in-house approach allows us unparalleled flexibility and control over a project’s final outcome. By using our own forces to engineer, fabricate, install and control a project, we eliminate problems associated with sub-contract work such as miscommunications, inferior quality, and schedule delays. Approximately 85% of our work is done on a turnkey basis utilizing our own personnel.

The SSI vision statement, ”Moving products effortlessly by moving people to be their best” is the foundation on which our business is built.