Spooltech, LLC.

Spooltech, LLC.

9325 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77095, United States

AboutSpooltech, LLC.

Spooltech has been creating custom welding and fabrication solutions for over 30 years.

Spooltech provides fully customized shipping containers for a variety of industries: offshore, drilling, communications, oil and gas, and transportation. Using innovative processes to define the entire spool package from concept to engineering and design, to manufacturing, testing and to the shipping of custom spools and cradles, we will create large fabricated products to meet your expectations.

Experienced in the custom design and fabrication of spools with proven, effective designs backed by FEA reports, Spooltech reliably delivers all sizes of spools, cradles and other heavy, manufactured steel products with flexible lead times and low-cost investment.

Spooltech’s facility is designed to meet the demands of customers in the coil tubing transportation industry, with dedicated certified welders and fitters capable of welding, plate burning, and cold sawing, that meets all major welding specifications, cold weather requirements, and structural designs. The capabilities of our facility include lifting large weldments, drive through loading and unloading, and on-site storage. Spooltech is the leader in the delivery of innovative and cost-effective steel and wood coil tubing transportation products.

Customers in the transportation industry include trucks, trains, marine vessels and offshore drill rigs, who rely on everything from the simplest to the most complex products.

The Spooltech Shield & Our Core Values

Why choose a shield as part of your company logo?

Historically, shields have always been seen as a sign of protection and are often associated with medieval knights and their codes of honor and chivalry. Having a shield as an integral part of our logo exemplifies the ideals of safety and security and symbolizes to our customers our commitment to excellence in fabrication and service.

Furthermore, the acronym S.H.I.E.L.D. reflects our Spooltech Values.

Safety & Service:

We value the safety of our employees and our customers. We know that behind every person there are loved ones who are counting on us to operate safely and manufacture safe and reliable products. We are committed to providing outstanding service to our internal and external customers.

Honor and Integrity:

We will operate with the highest degree of integrity. We will act morally and ethically and strive to do the harder right over the easier wrong. We will abide by the Golden Rule.

Engineering & Excellence:

We are the experts in fabrication. We have the technical proficiency and industry experience to make the challenging achievable and deliver the best service and products.


We value our people and our customer relationships. We believe in teamwork, and we know that loyalty is built on trust. We will inspire employee and customer loyalty by treating our people and customers with dignity and respect, valuing diversity, and helping them to achieve their goals.


We are tenacious and will find a way to make our customer and company vision a reality. We are problem solvers, dedicated to continuous improvement, ingenious solutions, and bespoke fabrication.

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