Sta-Lok Terminals Ltd

Sta-Lok Terminals Ltd

Head Office: The Forge, Mistley Heath, Manningtree, Essex, CO11 2QH, United Kingdom

AboutSta-Lok Terminals Ltd


Our heritage is the source of our inspiration.

Our company began in 1973 when founder Ivor Barfield introduced a new design of wire rope fitting terminals. His system dramatically simplified the termination of wire rope and quickly became a must-have piece of equipment in the sector. The company is now run by Terry Barfield alongside several long-term employees and family members, retaining a culture based on our history.


Our dedication to design, manufacturing and customer service means reliability and endurance are at the forefront of everything we do. After all, our products must stand up to the most challenging of climatic conditions and state-of-the-art design is precisely what makes our product world class. Our products are manufactured in an ethical and eco-friendly manner and we recycle 100% of all stainless steel waste produced in the manufacturing process.


Improving, advancing and designing are all part of the process which allows us to introduce the most up-to-date products to the market. We constantly evaluate and review the performance of our hardware to ensure that we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Delivering outstanding customer service is embedded in our company culture. We believe customer service is an extension of the quality products we produce. This is why our experienced product consultants are always on hand to help you choose the best Sta-Lok product to meet your specific requirements.


Our products are designed solely with safety in mind. Quality is achieved by using premium materials, selected for their strength and corrosion resistance. As for safety, our products are stronger than the stainless steel wire rope to which they are fitted.


We continuously invest in the most advanced machinery which allows us to achieve exceptional manufacturing tolerances and finish specifications. We use this technology not just to our own advantage, but to the advantage of our customers for improved performance and reliability.


We use the best materials to the highest specifications, using alloys that are certificated and fully traceable. We are ISO 9001 accredited, re-enforcing our passion for quality throughout our entire company and product range.

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