Stalatube Oy

Stalatube Oy

Taivalkatu 7, 15170 Lahti, Finland

AboutStalatube Oy

Stalatube is a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel structural hollow  sections, profiles and further processed products. Our range of square and rectangular hollow sections is the largest in the world. We have been in business for close to 50 years, and we have a global distribution network that spans 50 countries on all continents. Up to 90% of the products we manufacture are exported. We practice responsible and transparent business both at home and abroad and our guiding value is the well-being of our employees, stakeholders, and the environment.

Our head office and production plants are located in Lahti, Finland. Our global sales offices are located in the USA, the Netherlands, and India. We have additionally recently inaugurated a new production plant in Łódź, Poland, which focuses on the further processing of our products.

We are known worldwide as a manufacturer of stainless steel hollow sections, profiles, and components and as a leading supplier of stainless steel solutions. Due to our global reach, deep expertise, and the world’s broadest range of stainless steel hollow sections, we can offer our customers the perfect solution to suit their needs or project – even in tough conditions. Our fully customizable, environmentally friendly steel products contribute to building a more sustainable world. Our cooperation with customers and focus on R&D efforts make for endless possibilities.

In our company, global operations meet local thinking. Our Finnish roots form the foundation for our values and ways of operating, but for us, what matters most is to be the most reliable and responsible partner for our entire global network, starting with our employees.

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