Strom Manufacturing Inc

Strom Manufacturing Inc

10630 NW 289th Ave, North Plains, OR 97133, United States

AboutStrom Manufacturing Inc

Strom Manufacturing, Inc. has its roots in the garage of Richard Strom, its founder and first president. In 1974, Richard Strom purchased a Bridgeport milling machine and began working on odd jobs in the evening to supplement his income. By 1983, Richard’s garage was overflowing with two mills, a lathe, several drill presses and three employees. In 1987, the company moved the business into the Hawthorn Farms Business Park in Hillsboro, Oregon, and set up shop as a full-time, modern manufacturing facility. William Strom came on board in 1987, and in 1995, became president of Strom Manufacturing.

In the years leading up to the bust of the dot-com era (2000), Strom Manufacturing enjoyed tremendous growth. Our facility size increased from 1,500 square feet to over 8,000 square feet. After riding out the economic slowdown of the early 2000, Strom Manufacturing was again on a steady growth track.

By 2010, Bill and Kathy Strom realized that in order to provide a stable, long term future for the company, it would be best to look for a new facility that the company could occupy for the long haul.

In 2013, Strom Manufacturing moved into their newly acquired manufacturing facility in North Plains, Oregon. Our renovated building allows for better workflow, and with a large increase in available floor space, we have been able to substantially expand our machining capabilities. To date, we have added four new state-of-the-art production milling machines.