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Taylor Spring Manufacturing Co

5700 W 120th St, Alsip, IL 60803, United States

AboutTaylor Spring Manufacturing Co

Taylor Spring is a family owned and operated spring manufacturing company in Chicago with a history stretching back nearly 70 years.

We’re your partner in spring and wire form manufacturing, with unmatched flexibility in the industry. Why? Because we utilize unparalleled work ethic and harness our capabilities to the maximum—all while providing the absolute highest quality products.


Taylor Spring was founded in 1949. Focusing on Air-wound inductor coils, Taylor Spring was a major supplier to the television set industry. Early Television tuners required a large number of inductor coils. Taylor Spring developed and patented a technique for stripping insulation off of the copper wire in-line during the production process allowing these parts to be mass-produced cheaply in large quantities.


In 1967 the original founders retired and the company was continued by its new owners Henry Tyrakowski (brother of one of the founders), Alex Tiffy and William Manderfeld. Taylor Spring continued its tradition of excellence and supplied inductor coils to the television tuner market as well as the emerging cable television industry as these inductors would be used as filters and traps that allowed the cable companies to selectively allow only the stations that the customer paid for to be delivered to their home.


In 1988, Henry’s partners retired and he became the sole shareholder and over the next decade the next generation started becoming part of the business with John Tyrakowski becoming President and Steve Tyrakowski handling the administration and financial side of the business.


Around 2000, with signs that the copper coil business would be shrinking with the changes from Analog to digital in the cable and television industries, Taylor Spring acquired J&J Spring from its retiring owner. This small step started a new direction to begin diversification into the steel spring industry.


In 2002, Taylor Spring explored further diversification by merging with its primary wire supplier, Fay Electric Wire. After several years as a combined entity, in November 2007, the principals from the Fay Electric Wire business spun off the wire business as a separate company again. Both companies emerged stronger than when they merged in 2002.


After operating out of two buildings for many years, the time had come to consolidate into one more efficient location allowing us the required space to scale up. This reduced our operating costs and helped increase efficiencies across our facility.


As the family generations continue to evolve, John Tyrakowski, son of Henry Tyrakowski, becomes sole proprietor and buys out other share holders—now holding 100% of the spring manufacturing company that he and generations before him worked to cultivate.


Taylor Spring has been steadily investing in new spring manufacturing equipment with the intention of becoming a state-of-the-art manufacturer. Today, we stand with new capacity, a new brand, and the same dedication. We connect our partners with the highest quality springs and wire forms at the most competitive rate—supported by flexible service and unwavering commitment.